IIA Tech has deep roots supporting national laboratories in R&D technology management and large-scale data management. Today, we are building on that mission and rapidly accelerating into the Digital Age with advanced data analytics, enterprise IT transformation, and full spectrum cybersecurity. 

2020 KeyLogic Systems acquires OnLocation, Inc.   

    Establishes a new industry leader in advanced energy sector modeling and analysis  

2020 IIA, Inc. and SIXGEN, Inc. form SBA Mentor Protégé Program Joint Venture SIIAX  

    Full spectrum offensive and defensive cybersecurity synergies 

2020 KeyLogic and Bravo Consulting Group form SBA Mentor Protégé Program Joint Venture KBP  

    KeyLogic provides business development and market analysis mentoring in pursuit of mutual growth 

2019 IIA Technologies Corp merges with KeyLogic Systems  

    Doubles size to create a new middleweight contender in R&D and large-scale data management and analytics  

2019 IIA Technologies Corp acquires Release 2 Innovation (R2i) 

    Cutting-edge big data analytics for cybersecurity and cyber hunt 

2018 IIA Holdings Co. purchases IIA, Inc. and establishes IIA Technologies Corp  

    Jeannette Lee is appointed Chief Executive Officer of IIA Tech and its IIA, Inc. subsidiary 

1999 KeyLogic Systems, LLC founded  

    Jon Hammock founds KeyLogic in Morgantown, WV to support the National Energy Technology Laboratory and other Federal agencies 

1988 Information International Associates, Inc. founded 

    Bonnie Carroll founds IIA, Inc. in Oak Ridge, TN as a Woman-Owned Small Business to support Oak Ridge National Laboratory and other Federal agencies