US national security, energy assurance, and global economic competitiveness are grounded in its R&D infrastructure. Our professional staff, including 60 PhDs and a broad range of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s), are actively engaged in lab leadership, strategy, program management, science, research, and engineering in partnership with the Department of Energy Office of Science, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Y-12 National Security Complex, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Air Force Research Laboratory, Army Benét Laboratories, the Environmental Protection agency, and other agencies. Working side-by-side with government and academic researchers daily, we understand the unique challenges of maturing science from lab to deployed innovation. 

r&d program and project management

IIA Tech has been at the forefront of federal laboratory and science and technology support for over 30 years. innovation program management is part of our DNA. Our team of in-house engineering, science, and program experts bring comprehensive experience and expertise to manage and execute large-scale R&D for the S&T community. Our program and project managers tap S&T SMEs, enterprise data engineers, and data scientists to solve complex R&D challenges in a methodical and structured approach. We support technology maturation across the full R&D lifecycle from discovery and basic research through technology transfer and commercialization. We support strategic and investment planning, resource management, program budgeting, and performance tracking and innovation contribution analysis. We manage risks and quality throughout, protect program information, and lead organizational change management and continuous improvement initiatives.

KeyInsight tm: integrated project portfolio management

Managing a complex array of project types across multiple portfolios as the pace of technology accelerates is a daunting task. IIA Tech ’s KeyInsight is an enterprise knowledge management system designed to implement and manage federal programs, portfolios, and assets. Developed as a GOTS product and actively in use today, this tailorable Business Systems Integration (BSI) system has proven its value managing complex project portfolios of over a thousand projects. Agile and user-friendly, with advanced visualizations, KeyInsight ensures the most efficient use of available and future resources for your innovation organization. Whether tracking budgets, quality, contributions, or technology readiness, KeyInsight makes it all clear.

acquisition management

IIA Tech acquisition process experts support the full acquisition life cycle. We support needs and requirements generation, market research, analyses of alternatives, and Requests for Proposals. We support the development of acquisition strategies and support documentation, including ICDs, CDDs, TEMPs, and SEPs. Our staff support integrated product and process teams and conduct reviews. We meticulously firewall all of this activity from any potential conflict of interest.

readiness level assessment

IIA Tech analysts conduct Technology, System, and Manufacturing Readiness Level Assessments to determine the maturity of technologies. On the leading edge of S&T assessment, we have also developed concepts for Science Readiness Levels, Technology Communication Protocols, Innovation Markets, and extensions to the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. IIA Tech subject matter experts also have deep experience in technology and industrial base analysis, patent analysis, government industrial policy, and foreign vulnerability assessment.

resiliency services

In the face of threats—a disease pandemic, terrorist attack, crippling computer virus, or natural disaster—shutting down is not an option. IIA Tech ’s experienced information security, emergency management, and business continuity professionals can help you design and implement the right plan for your agency to weather any crisis. And, of course, you will fully and efficiently comply with Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requirements and other resiliency and continuity guidance and directives.

IIA Tech’s SMEs, including scientists, technologists, intelligence analysts, and linguists apply domain and mission expertise to our customers’ most important challenges. With over 40 percent of staff holding advanced degrees, including more than 60 PhDs, IIA Tech delivers thought leadership and solutions with high confidence.

energy and environment

For over 30 years, IIA Tech has partnered with the Department of Energy in its mission “to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental, and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.” Our energy and environment SMEs include geologists, petroleum engineers, mineralogists, chemists, physicists, aerospace engineers, biologists, biochemists, electrical engineers, computer scientists, HPC engineers, geospatial architects, data scientists and mathematicians. We are on the cutting-edge of new energy systems modeling, determining their productivity, efficiency and environmental impacts before they are fielded. We provide expert support on advanced materials, advanced power generation, carbon capture, carbon storage, CO2 utilization, cooling, emissions control, energy storage, fossil fuels, petrochemicals, the power grid, renewable energy, and water.

scientific and technical information

IIA Tech operates some of the largest federal science and technology information (STI) collections. From the Department of Energy’s Office of Science to the US Patent and Trademark Office, we support tens of petabytes of mission critical STI and ensure its 24-7 access to the world. Our SMEs understand STI from federal data policy to global internet publishing. Our SMEs advance the organization of this information by using advanced metatag taxonomies, ontologies, and machine learning categorization algorithms.

open source intelligence

The world is awash in an ocean of open source data. This creates a “target rich” environment for our in-house team of intelligence analysts to answer our customers most pressing questions. Leveraging our S&T pedigree, we have a particular competency in collecting, managing and harvesting foreign STI. We mine, translate, and contextualize global information sources and integrate them with other data sources to form strategic, operational, and tactical perspectives to inform federal decision making and investments. Leveraging our domain experts and analytics capability, IIA Tech is adept in all source intelligence analysis, foreign technology assessment, and industrial base analysis. We are able to provide 24/7 support to operations and have expertise in All-Source intelligence to include SIGINT, MASINT, IMINT, OSINT, HUMINT and GEOINT.


Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) weapons of mass destruction are an omnipresent and increasing threat. IIA Tech science, technology, and mission SMEs are supporting the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s Joint Requirements Office (JRO) in identifying and assessing these threats, as well as effective countermeasures.

medical capability assessment

IIA Tech has completed medical capability assessments for over 100 foreign countries and supported the Department of Defense and other agencies with critical medical intelligence. Our extensive research includes topics ranging from infectious diseases, blood safety, medical infrastructure, and vaccines. We also study the quality of healthcare professionals and socio-cultural issues impacting healthcare.