Federal enterprise IT is undergoing a massive transition from bare metal on-premise applications and virtual machines to a hybrid, multicloud future. IIA Tech is working side-by-side with its customers to navigate the complexities of prioritizing transformation investments, lifting and shifting applications, refactoring applications, orchestrating containers, introducing continuous integration/continuous delivery, and ultimately serverless computing. 

hybrid multicloud migration & services   

IIA Tech is a trusted partner in smart hybrid multicloud architecture development and implementation. We assist our customers in determining the optimal mix of on-premise, hybrid, government, and public cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and FaaS) to meet current and future needs most efficiently. We can rapidly stabilize the existing infrastructure while focusing investments on the most critical applications. The goal is to provide consistent, reliable, high-quality, and easy-to-use services with high availability to all users through a methodology that is faster, better, and cheaper than in the past. We are vendor agnostic, minimizing the potential for vendor lock in, which raises life cycle costs and ultimately stalls innovation.  

proof of concept projects 

IIA Tech software engineers, data scientists, mission experts, and engineers stand ready to run your cloud experiments and tool tests in our IIA Tech Innovation Lab. Drawing upon the depth and breadth of our IIA Tech Innovation Network, we are able to spin up and autoscale any environment, conduct A-B shootouts, and demonstrate the latest technologies before you commit to production investment. Whether a new model, dashboard, mobile app, desktop application, serverless API, or an entire network infrastructure, IIA Tech can help you build, test, fail, and succeed fast. This approach minimizes risk by delivering a minimally viable product or solution on a small scale and in an accelerated time frame before making larger and more strategic investments based on demonstrated proof of value. 

data center & infrastructure optimization   

IIA Tech consistently delivers robust infrastructure and data center design, development, operations, and maintenance services through the application of best industry practices, including ITIL, ISO, and CMMI standards. Our engineers and technicians support the full spectrum of legacy, hybrid, and multicloud platforms from high performance computing systems (HPC) and hyperscale Big Data systems to enterprise data centers, data warehouses and local databases. We develop automated tools and methods to provide efficient, consistent, and cost-effective delivery of services and scan emerging technologies to find additional capabilities to inject. We provide solutions to enhance management visibility into the enterprise through customized single pane of glass reporting and monitoring dashboards. IIA Tech has a successful track record in the design, implementation, and execution of disaster recovery for individual services and entire data centers. IIA Tech supports our customers in achieving their Data Center Optimization through data center consolidation, stabilization, migration, and process re-engineering. 

data collection and curation 

Collecting, preserving, and disseminating federal science and technology information (STI) is a core strength of IIA Tech. We manage petabytes of STI and publish it online for the Departments of Energy, Defense, and Commerce. We are at the center of  National Data Policy. We focus on the accuracy and completeness of incoming information, as well as improving legacy record metadata. We ingest structured and unstructured data types, including videos, patents, journal articles, manuscripts, technical reports, and theses. We create and manage metadata, thesauri, and taxonomies, and have developed ontologies for integrating mission data with business performance metrics. IIA Tech develops processes for addressing special character issues, assessing persistent identifier problems, and confirming valid cached copies of full text documents. We use machine learning techniques to automate categorization. 

tier 0 to 4 service delivery 

IIA Tech works on the front lines of IT service delivery and knows the importance of faster cycle times and quicker, more useful responses to guarantee customer satisfaction. We enhance the Tier 0 self-service experience with friendly chatbots, wikis, and robotic process automation. This makes customers happy and reduces the load on Tier 1 first contact staff. These staff are further empowered via a continuously refreshed knowledge base that enables them to tackle many traditional Tier 2 tasks. Our highly trained Tier 2 and Tier 3 staff provide white glove concierge services that minimize the need to read out to vendors for Tier 4 support. 

biometrics and identity management 

IIA Tech biometrics experts run the NAVAIR Biometrics Identity Operations laboratory. We apply a vendor-neutral, systems integration approach to the full biometrics hardware and software lifecycle. IIA Tech’s KeyCertainty solution is a multi-modal contactless system designed to provide added security to existing entry control points by capturing face, fingers, and irises for rapid and non-stop identification of enrolled personnel. This system integrates COTS biometrics products in a configurable environment ranging from a self-contained moveable unit to a permanent installation in a building. Recognized as a leading implementation of multi-modal contactless systems, it provides a rapid, accurate, and reliable system that includes simultaneous enrollment of all modalities in under 60 seconds, with a throughput of 15-20 persons per minute for authentication transversal and identification.

Traditional waterfall software development to cutting-edge Agile DevSecOps pods, IIA Tech can support your mission, enterprise, desktop, and mobile application development needs. IIA Tech maintains laser focus on rapid feature delivery to improve mission performance and end user experience.

end user solutions  

IIA Tech provides the full range of end-user solutions and support services. We design, develop, test, deploy and manage user applications, mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain-based systems, and user interfaces. We manage end user computing, virtual desktop infrastructure, and mobile devices. We ensure configuration management and security compliance. We develop Tier 0 user support systems such as Wikis and ChatBots, provide onsite and virtual Tier I-III help desk and user support, as well as manage Tier IV vendor interactions.

proof of concept projects

IIA Tech software engineers, data scientists, mission experts, and engineers stand ready to run your development experiments and tool tests in our Innovation Lab. Drawing upon the depth and breadth of our Innovation Network, we are able to spin up and autoscale any environment, conduct A-B shootouts, and demonstrate the latest technologies before you commit to production investment. Whether prototyping a new model, dashboard, mobile app, desktop application, serverless API, or an entire network infrastructure,  IIA Tech can help you build, test, fail, and succeed fast.

agile software development

IIA Tech has a proven track record of leveraging Agile software development values and principles to rapidly develop, operate, and maintain applications and mission-critical systems. Our overall DevSecOps approach integrates Agile development methodologies and frameworks with automated (NoOps) collaboration, deployment and testing processes to streamline the delivery of quality software and ensure alignment with organizational goals. By supporting application refactoring, container orchestration, continuous integration/continuous delivery, and ultimately serverless computing,  IIA Tech helps guide our customers towards an automatically scalable, hybrid multi-cloud future.

system development life cycle support

Planning and executing high-stakes software implementations in-house is risky and can detract you from your agency’s core mission. IIA Tech can support all your SDLC tasks—whether you need to select a vendor, capture requirements, design an architecture, execute development, perform testing, or troubleshoot and maintain your system. To help your agency keep systems projects squarely on track, our PMP-certified program managers apply proven methods that increase your project visibility. To provide for technical excellence and low risk, we use well-established software design patterns, such as model view controller, and adhere to standards like CMMI-DEV Level 3 and IEEE. We tie software development to your business practices through BPMN, DMN, and CMMN standards. IIA Tech maintains many alliance partnerships with software leaders, such as Microsoft, to bring you the latest technologies and best practices.

independent verification & validation

IIA Tech performs Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) for some of the most advanced and mission critical software systems. Whether in the energy, defense, space, auto, aircraft, medical, or banking industries, any degradation of software could be catastrophic. With our IV&V services, you can be assured that the right system is being built and it is being built right; any potential flaws are caught early, saving time, money, mission, and potentially lives.  IIA Tech is an active member of the IEEE 1012 Working Group for verification and validation standards.

Government, industry, and private information technology, mission, and control systems are under continuous and deliberate assault by a range of sophisticated nation states, rogue individuals, and well trained bad actors. The techniques and tools used in these attacks grow more sophisticated by the day. Insider threats and the migration to the cloud make traditional perimeter defenses and firewalls increasingly obsolete. IIA Tech provides the full spectrum of information assurance and cybersecurity services to anticipate and counter these threats. Whether defending traditional perimeters or advancing toward zero trust, fractionalized, blockchain, and quantum technologies, our cybersecurity experts integrate industry-leading solutions to provide defense in depth and a 360-degree view of your enterprise as it is situated in the surface, deep, and dark webs.

cybersecurity operations center   

IIA Tech is on call 24-7 to keep our clients safe from cybersecurity attacks. We can stand up and support the full range of CSOC and SOC requirements for national security customers and protect them based on our understanding of active and emerging threat vectors. In addition to architecting a modern CSOC,  IIA Tech maintains multi-tiered threat monitoring and log analysis, conducts regular vulnerability patching, and researches new threats. Our team understands that a static security posture leaves the same holes open at all times and therefore focuses on ensuring rapid and agile updates relevant to a constantly changing landscape. We transfer our knowledge by updating our cybersecurity training curricula.

information assurance policy

Think of Information Assurance as a kind of insurance—without it, the losses to your organization could be irreparable. Whether your agency protects national security information, program information, credit cards, or sensitive personal information, IIA Tech can help set up the safeguards you need. IIA Tech ’s IA experts assess your needs and make policy recommendations for proper information management and storage. These policies are designed to ensure only the right people have access to protected information. Based on these policies, we identify security gaps and develop plans, procedures, standards, and budget justifications for new technological systems, such as mobile secure compartmented information facilities (SCIF-in-a-Box), smart blockchains, and cybersecurity systems.

cyber threat intelligence

With the volume of data increasing exponentially, state-of-the-art cyber tools are only a fraction of the answer to detecting, identifying, analyzing, and countering cyber threats. The success of any cyber defense program depends on trained IIA Tech analysts teamed with IIA Tech data scientists who understand cyber operations trade-craft, state-of-the-possible technology, industry trends, and unique Federal missions. IIA Tech leads the way with big data, machine learning-enabled cyber analysis support services, tools, and techniques to help fill the gaps in cyber and threat intelligence operations. Our team is trained using the latest cyber and analytics technology and is seasoned and well-versed on the latest threats, mitigation strategies, and defense-in-depth approaches.

internet mapping & cyber hunt

IIA Tech has unrivaled internet mapping expertise and capability based on its strategic partnership with Telemetri Known Networks TM. Known Networks crawls the surface, deep, and dark web and characterizes internet regions for cyber threats, insider threats, and cloud-use policy compliance. IIA Tech cybersecurity professionals immediately notify you if any of your agency (or personal) data is found on the dark web or if your staff are uploading or downloading dark web files. The level of granularity and frequency of the monitoring is determined by your unique mission requirements.

cybersecurity architecture

Designing a coherent, effective cybersecurity architecture is like putting a puzzle together, often with random pieces from different puzzles. There are often many scattered pieces of information subsystems that need to fit together into one well-coordinated, cohesive, and secure architecture or integrated secure application mesh. The IIA Tech cybersecurity architecture team can evaluate your cybersecurity posture to determine whether your systems have been properly architected. We check to see if functions and systems are properly aligned to optimize work-flow efficiency and reduce operational costs, while providing seamless and unnoticed cybersecurity to the end user. Our team then helps you communicate with your leadership about the risks inherent in your as-is cybersecurity architecture, as well as the benefits of a proposed to-be solution.

risk and vulnerability assessment
IIA Tech risk and vulnerability assessments provide a comprehensive examination of your current protection measures. We examine both proactive and reactive cybersecurity measures taken to protect your high value assets (HVA). We assess your internet presence and activity, internal networks, web applications, desktop endpoints, operating systems, databases, wireless systems, mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT), and industrial control systems (ICS), including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). We identify deviations from approved configurations and policies and conduct vulnerability scans and offensive and defensive penetration testing. We test your staff’s awareness of phishing through simulated attacks. We document risks against the level of accepted risk before providing detailed recommendations on how to counter or mitigate risks in the future. We can also assess your physical security systems and information assurance practices.

penetration testing and red teaming

Our penetration testing team is one of only five certified by the US Intelligence Community and is experienced in government-approved, open source, commercial, and proprietary exploit tools to identify security vulnerabilities of external and internal facing systems, including IT enterprise systems and ICS, IoT, SCADA, and other operational technologies (OT). We perform active-attacks to confirm the existence of vulnerabilities and reduce false positives. As necessary, we actively exploit vulnerabilities and expand the attack through privilege escalation and exploit other connected systems. We target systems at the network and/or application layers, as well as other external access points, including modems and wireless LANs. We evaluate compliance with enterprise directives and regulations, including NIST and NERC critical infrastructure protection (CIP) standards, to ultimately assist with the selection of security controls to mitigate risk. Our red teams provide real-world adversarial attack simulations designed to assess and improve the effectiveness of an entire information security program. Our red teams conduct assessments to uncover weaknesses before they can be exploited by attackers.

passive network assessments

As a low-cost alternative to penetration testing, we perform approved Passive Network Assessments (PNAs). PNAs evaluate an organization’s network security in its current environment. Through a methodical, macro-to-micro approach, we identify problem areas, such as misconfigurations, pinholes, vulnerabilities, gaps in technology configuration, and misaligned resource utilization. We evaluate the network’s ability to support the current and future requirements of the organization while identifying potential vulnerabilities. We ensure your staff has the skills to maintain your organization’s network security through information sharing, collaboration, and training.

passive perimeter evaluations

IIA Tech cyber professionals have developed the equivalent of a security “credit score” for an organization. This comprehensive report—the Passive Perimeter Evaluation (PPE)—is low-profile and discrete, delivering invaluable security insight without interrupting your mission or business operations. The PPE covers all major areas of concern: Dark Web exposure, compromised data, ransomware exposure, potential for data loss, and network perimeter exposure.

incident response, disaster recovery, and digital forensics

IIA Tech provides full service disaster recovery and digital forensic analysis whether the disaster is natural or human caused. To guard against data loss from a flood, tornado, or earthquake, IIA Tech makes recommendations about security hardening, geographic redundancy, continuity of operations, and disaster recovery. While it is difficult to fully prepare a business for the unexpected data breach or cyber attack, having a trained Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) and incident response plans can be the difference between business success and failure to fully recover. We help companies and government agencies build their business continuity plans from the ground up. It’s not a matter of “IF” an organization will be breached or lose data…it’s “WHEN.” And when that day comes, the successful companies are the ones with a recovery plan to protect their intellectual property or “Crown Jewels.”

KeyCertainty: biometric identity management

IIA Tech is a leader in the full life cycle of identity management and biometrics solutions. We operate NAVAIR’s Biometrics Laboratory and have world-class biometrics experts with hands-on experience with the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and law enforcement. IIA Tech’s KeyCertainty approach systematically identifies and assesses the best biometric technologies and processes that fit the specific needs of each client.

deepfake detection and generation

Deepfake photos, texts, audio, and video are becoming widespread and threaten our ability to know what is real. Moreover, these deepfakes are being used by nation states, criminals, and other bad actors to carry out subversion, destabilization, extortion, theft, and reputation damage. IIA Tech deep learning experts apply the latest Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), unsupervised learning, and supervised learning techniques to detect deepfake text, images, audio and video. IIA Tech works with your team to defend your data against deepfake disinformation, including protecting your data through encryption, hashing, fractionalization, and blockchain. IIA Tech can also generate deepfakes to support training of models, systems, and personnel and test your own detection systems.

cybersecurity training

The success of any cybersecurity program depends on trained and aware stakeholders, staff and leadership. Our team provides tailored cybersecurity training for federal agencies’ staff and cyber teams, as well as small businesses. We can also implement periodic penetration and phishing tests to see if staff have internalized and can effectively apply their training.