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Our Capabilities

Information International Associates (IIA) employees over 600 information & data systems designers, developers, data scientist, cybersecurity experts, S&T professionals, and mission specialists serving government agencies with data-intensive missions from our offices in McLean, VA, Alexandria, VA, Oak Ridge, TN; Morgantown, WV, and Dayton, OH. IIA leverages expertise in information & data management, big data analytics, the innovative application of technology, and deep subject matter expertise to provide unique value for our customers' big data challenges. We have developed a keen understanding of the role of data within and between organizations and how to unlock the potential of data as a strategic resource.

Enterprise IT & Data Management

IIA provides total life cycle support for enterprise information technology (IT) and large-scale data management. From architecture and design, to agile development, cloud migration, and operations & maintenance, IIA brings world-class expertise and innovation to critical federal IT systems.

 Agile Software Development  

IIA has a proven track record of leveraging Agile software development principles and values to rapidly develop, operate, and maintain applications and mission-critical systems. Our overall DevOps/DevSecOps approach integrates Agile development methodologies with automated collaboration, deployment and testing processes to streamline the delivery quality of software and ensure alignment with organizational goals.

 Data Center & Infrastructure Optimization  

IIA consistently delivers robust infrastructure and data center design, development, operations, and maintenance services through the application of best industry practices, including ITIL, ISO, and CMMI standards. Our engineers and technicians support the full spectrum of legacy, hybrid, and cloud platforms from high performance computing systems (HPC) and hyperscale Big Data systems to enterprise data centers, data warehouses and local databases. We develop automated tools and methods to provide efficient, consistent, and cost-effective delivery of services and scan emerging technologies to find additional capabilities to inject. We provide solutions to enhance management visibility into the enterprise through customized single pane of glass reporting and monitoring dashboards. IIA has a successful track record in the design, implementation, and execution of disaster recovery for individual services and entire data centers. IIA supports our customers in achieving their Data Center Optimization through data center consolidation, stabilization, migration, and process re-engineering.

 Cloud Migration & Services  

IIA is cloud vendor agnostic so we are an honest broker of cloud migration, development, and operations services to the federal government. Our approach not only gets the best deal for the customer today, but ensures the availability of future migration pathways by avoiding the vendor “lock in” that adds costs and stalls innovation. We evaluate the readiness of organizations to move workflows and services to the cloud from a technical, organizational, and cost-benefit perspective. We assist the customer in determining the optimal mix of on-premise, hybrid, and public cloud services to meet current and future needs efficiently. We evaluate the best path forward from virtual machines to microservices and serverless functions. IIA provides overall architecture and application re-design and migration guidance to optimize the use of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and FaaS services.

 End User Solutions  

IIA provides the full range of end-user solutions and support services. We design, develop, test, deploy and manage user applications, mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain-based systems, and user interfaces. We manage end user computing, virtual desktop infrastructure, and mobile devices. We ensure configuration management and security compliance. We develop Tier 0 user support systems such as Wikis and ChatBots, provide onsite and virtual Tier I-III help desk and user support, as well as manage Tier IV vendor interactions. Our team develops and automates ITSM and RPA solutions to meet customer needs on both the BMC Remedy and ServiceNow platforms.

Advanced Data Analytics

Data Analytics for national mission sets is an IIA core competence. We support federal decision making by analyzing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for actionable intelligence. We enable access to and analysis of large and complex data sets to improve and optimize decisions and performance. We develop algorithms and artificial intelligence systems to identify potential fraud and misuse in large volumes of financial and tax transactions, resulting in the recovery of substantial funds and revenue. We develop algorithms and machine learning systems to sift through petabytes of internet and Dark Web data for cyber security and critical infrastructure protection applications. Our solutions are mission/user driven and leverage an integrated team of user domain experts (e.g., intelligence, finance, and fraud analysts, and S&T researchers ) with our data scientists and enterprise data management engineers to deliver optimal insight and actionable intelligence.

 Data Driven Decision Making  

IIA works across the information life cycle to pull wisdom, knowledge, information, and insight from data. Our data scientists and decision support analysts improve management decisions and operational effectiveness, advance science, and support technology development. We address the challenges of the volume, variety, velocity, and veracity of large, complex data. We understand big data issues that include identifying, capturing, validating, curating, and storing big data. We pay attention to the critical issues of data confidentiality, data culture, and reproducibility.

 Big Data Analytics  

Data is exploding exponentially. IIA identifies, captures, validates (quality checking), curates, and stores this data. We apply data analytics and advanced analytical tools to uncover hidden patterns and discover knowledge within the data, knowledge that is not easily obtained through human brain processing alone. New and rapidly evolving AI, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms are applied to this data to enable faster, better decision making and reveal unprecedented insights. IIA pays close attention to key issues in data confidentiality (PII and HPII), Intellectual property, data culture, and reproducibility.

 Consulting to Operations  

We offer a full lifecycle of services, from, in, and around data analytics from Consultancy to Deployment (C2D), Objectives Analysis, Data Readiness Assessment, Data Governance, Data Policy Strategies and Data Management as a Service (DMaaS), to enterprise and mission applications design, development, deployment, support, and operations.

 Computational Thinking  

IIA embeds computational thinking in all our enterprise architectures and mission solutions. We understand the state-of-the-possible in analytics and the opportunities available to exploit data in support of improving management decisions, identifying threats in physical and cyber space, and advancing scientific discovery and technology development. We live and operate across the information life cycle to provide value from data.

Intelligence Data Exploitation

IIA subject matter experts, scientists, technologists, and linguists understand the importance of methodically and systematically applying domain and mission expertise to our customers' most important data exploitation challenges. With this mission understanding, we mine, translate, and contextualize global information sources and integrate them with other data sources to form strategic, operational, and tactical perspectives to inform federal decision making and investments. Leveraging our domain experts and analytics capability IIA is adept in Multi-INT Analysis. Leveraging our S&T pedigree we have a particular competency in collecting, managing and harvesting Scientific and Technical (S&T) Intelligence.

 Open Source Intelligence  

The world is awash in an ocean of open source structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. This creates a “target rich” environment for our in-house team of intelligence analysts, data scientists, subject matter experts (SMEs), trade-craft specialists, scientists, and technologists. We locate key information and provide analytical support for addressing critical mission and strategic collection needs. We provide the full range of open source research, all-source intelligence analysis, training, database development, policy and strategy development, in-country research, language services, and assessments to help government entities find scientific, technical, operational, and policy solutions that fortify, strengthen, and protect the nation’s security apparatus, critical infrastructures, and economic competitiveness.

 Scientific & Technical (S&T) Intelligence  

We have a deep and rich heritage in Scientific and Technical Information research and analysis, conducting open source research and analysis of foreign military capabilities and systems, CBRN, physical science, WMD, engineering, space, missiles, trade and critical infrastructure. This capability runs across many contracts in our company – wherever and whenever our customers have a need to hone in on the collection and analysis of large and complex S&T data sets.

 Medical & Socio-Cultural Assessment  

IIA has completed medical capability assessments for over 100 foreign countries and supported the DoD and U.S. government with critical medical intelligence. Our extensive research includes topics ranging from infectious diseases, blood safety, medical infrastructure, vaccines and quality of healthcare professionals to traditional medicine and socio-cultural issues impacting healthcare. IIA socio-cultural assessments are comprised of historical, socio-cultural, and ethnographic data that is combined with in-country field research and interviews with subject matter experts from academic, policy and government organizations. Our method employs open source information derived from traditional published, electronic and grey literature. IIA researchers employ leading-edge data mining, entity extraction and advanced visualization tools to produce comprehensive analyses.

 All-Source Intelligence Analysis  

IIA is proud of its junior, mid, and senior-level analysts with advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and operational experience and capability in general military intelligence (GMI). We work in coordination with analysts and decision makers and are often embedded with the organization we support whether located CONUS or in forward-deployed regions throughout the world. We are able to provide 24/7 support to operations and have expertise in All-Source intelligence to include SIGINT, MASINT, IMINT, OSINT, HUMINT and GEOINT.

 Language Services  

IIA delivers native foreign-language speakers who are proficient in English to provide English language abstracting and translation support and analysis to our OSINT and S&T projects. Many of our linguists have advanced science and technical degrees, which provides our customers with increased analytic expertise.

Threat Intelligence, Information Assurance, and Cybersecurity

Security today is a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) challenge. Government, industry, and private information and control systems are under continuous and deliberate assault by a range of sophisticated nation states, rogue individuals, and well trained bad actors. The techniques and tools used in these attacks grow more sophisticated by the day. Insider threats and the migration to the cloud make traditional perimeter defenses and firewalls increasingly obsolete.
  At IIA, we are aggressively evolving our capacity to foresee and preempt each new threat. Our team of data scientists, cybersecurity, and information assurance specialists have been working on the front lines of national security and critical infrastructure protection for over five decades. We are world leaders in surface, deep, and dark web mapping and cyber threat hunting.
  Our customer security needs span the spectrum from program protection, data centers and warehouses, High Performance Computing (HPC), facility integration, biometrics, and financial systems to Information Technology/Operational Technology (IT/OT) convergence, the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, and other emerging technologies and systems. We integrate the disciplines of information assurance, cybersecurity, threat intelligence, data management, and data science to protect programs, information, networks, digital assets, intellectual property, and critical infrastructures.

 Information Assurance & Cybersecurity  

IIA provides a full range of information assurance and security services for our customers. We integrate industry-leading technologies to provide defense in depth and a 360-degree situational awareness view of the enterprise. Our team performs such tasks as security architecture design, security systems engineering, SOC operations, program protection, security analytics, incident response, and forensic investigation services to ensure our customers remain secure.

 Security Policy Assessment & Governance  

Based on emerging national security and critical infrastructure requirements, as well as intelligence driven realities, our staff assists in developing and managing security policies, procedures, plans, and standards customized to the specific needs and risk posture of your organization. We help your organization build business continuity plans, and then continuously monitor those plans for relevancy.

 Information and Cyber Threat Intelligence  

With the volume of data increasing exponentially, state-of-the-art cyber tools are only a fraction of the answer to detecting, identifying, analyzing, and countering cyber threats. The success of any cyber defense program depends on trained IIA analysts teamed with IIA data scientists who understand cyber operations trade-craft, state-of-the-possible technology, industry trends, and unique Federal missions. IIA leads the way with big data, machine learning-enabled cyber analysis support services, tools, and techniques to help fill the gaps in cyber and threat intelligence operations. Our team is trained using the latest cyber and analytics technology and is seasoned and well versed on the latest threats, mitigation strategies, and defense-in-depth approaches. As part of our support, we also can train, or assist in training, your staff to high levels of cyber proficiency and readiness.

 Risk and Vulnerability Assessment  

IIA understands that both proactive and reactive cybersecurity services are critical to ensuring the protection of organizations’ High Value Assets (HVA), including critical control systems. Our comprehensive approach includes network mapping, vulnerability scanning, and offensive and defensive penetration testing. We assess phishing, Industrial Control Systems (ICS), wireless systems, web applications, operating systems, databases, and mobile devices. Employing these tools, our team assesses system threats and vulnerabilities, identifies deviations from approved configurations and policies, and then documents the level of accepted risk. We then recommend and develop mitigation countermeasures to those risks.

 Systems Security Engineering  

Our team focuses and evaluates your organization’s perimeter security, network security, endpoint security, application security, physical security, and data security. We help you identify security vulnerabilities and minimize them, or help contain risks associated with these vulnerabilities, across the entire Systems Development Life Cycle.

 Independent Verification & Validation  

IIA performs Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) for some of the most advanced software applications and systems. With our IV&V services, you can be assured that the system has been built right and that the right system is being built—and that any potential flaws are caught early.

 Security Architecture Review and
Cybersecurity System Design  

The IIA team evaluates a system’s security posture to determine whether cybersecurity solutions are properly architected. We then ensure leadership understands the risks inherent in the as-is cybersecurity solution and design a roadmap for the to-be solution. We provide holistic analytical reports on how the security components integrate and operate, including data and systems protections.

Systems Engineering & Integration (SE&I) is like putting a puzzle together. There are scattered pieces of an organization’s information subsystems that need to fit together into one well-coordinated, cohesive, and secure architecture or integrated secure application mesh. It is a complex building process that connects an organization’s functions and systems, improving work-flow efficiency and lowering operational costs for the business, while providing seamless and unnoticed cybersecurity to the end user.

Our team approaches SE&I through business process management, computer networking, enterprise application integration, agile development, and/or manual programming.

 Penetration Testing and Red Teaming  

Our penetration testing team is one of five certified by the US Intelligence Community and is experienced in government-approved open source, commercial, and proprietary exploit tools to identify security vulnerabilities of external and internal facing systems, including IT enterprise systems, ICS, and OT. We perform active-attacks to confirm the existence of vulnerabilities and reduce false positives. As necessary, we actively exploit vulnerabilities and expand the attack through privilege escalation and exploit other connected systems. We target systems at the network and/or application layers, as well as other external access points, including modems and wireless LANs. We evaluate compliance with regulations, including appropriate NIST and NERC CIP standards, and enterprise directives to ultimately assist with the selection of security controls to mitigate risk.

Our Red Teams provide real-world adversarial attack simulations designed to assess and improve the effectiveness of an entire information security program. Our red teams conduct assessments to uncover weaknesses before they can be exploited by attackers.

 Passive Network Assessments  

As a low-cost alternative to penetration testing, we perform approved Passive Network Assessments (PNAs). PNAs evaluate an organization’s network security in its current environment. Through a methodical, macro-to-micro approach, we identify problem areas, such as misconfigurations, pinholes, vulnerabilities, gaps in technology configuration, and misaligned resource utilization. We evaluate the network’s ability to support the current and future requirements of the organization and identify potential points of compromise. We build your staff up through information sharing, collaboration, and training.

 Passive Perimeter Evaluations  

IIA cyber professionals have developed the equivalent of a security “credit score” for an organization. This comprehensive report—the Passive Perimeter Evaluation (PPE)—is low-profile and discrete, delivering invaluable security insight without interrupting your mission or business operations. The PPE covers all major areas of concern: Dark Web exposure, compromised data, ransomware exposure, potential for data loss, and network perimeter exposure.

 Internet Mapping & Cyber Hunt  

IIA has unrivaled internet mapping expertise and capability—Telemetri Known NetworksTM that crawls the surface, deep, and dark web and characterizes internet “neighborhoods” for policy compliance, insider threat identification, and threat cyber hunting. With Wikileaks and recent retail organization hacks, large amounts of credit card and personal data have been leaked to the dark web. IIA cyber professionals offer a very focused dark web monitoring service that will immediately notify you if any of your Agency (or personal) data is found on dark web or if staff are uploading or downloading files. The level of granularity and frequency of the monitoring is determined by the mission requirements of the Agency and their unique missions.

Our cyber hunt analysts start with the premise that bad actors specifically target high-value organizations. Our cyber hunt capabilities are focused on how to respond to crises or urgent situations within the pertinent domain to mitigate immediate and potential threats. Should adversaries gain access to your systems, our highly trained staff, with decades of experience supporting our US federal customers, will quickly and deftly deal with the threat and decisively expel them from the network.

 Incident Response, Disaster Recovery,
and Digital Forensics  

IIA provides full service disaster recovery and digital forensic analysis whether the disaster is natural or human caused. While it’s difficult to fully prepare a business for the unexpected data breach or cyber-attack, having a trained Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) and incident response plans can be the difference between business success and failure to fully recover. We help companies build their business continuity plans from the ground up. It’s not a matter of “IF” a company will be breached or lose data...it’s “WHEN.” And when that day comes, the successful companies are the ones with a recovery plan to protect their Intellectual Property (IP) or “Crown Jewels.”

 Deep Fake Detection and Generation  

IIA Machine Learning and Deep Learning experts apply the latest Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), unsupervised learning, and supervised learning techniques to generate or detect Deep Fake text, images, audio and video. IIA works with your team to defend your data against Deep Fake disinformation, including protecting your data through encryption, hashing, fractionalization, and blockchain. IIA can also generate Deep Fakes to support training of models, systems, and personnel.

 Cybersecurity Training  

The success of any cybersecurity program depends on trained and aware stakeholders, staff and leadership. Our team provides tailored cybersecurity training for federal agencies’ staff and cyber teams, as well as small business.

Engineering, Science & Technology

IIA is engaged at the forefront of Federal engineering, science and technology with dozens of PhDs in a wide variety of STEM fields. We understand the critical need for integrating expertise with data analytics and visualization, high performance computing, and large-scale scientific and technical data management. We understand that the R&D community is very different from the operational community, but also the critical need to bridge these communities in order to deliver the advanced technologies and capabilities that will keep the Nation secure, the economy strong, and our energy infrastructure productive.

 S&T Discovery  

Science and technology (S&T) is core to our national security, energy assurance, and global competitiveness. Our scientists, engineers, researchers, and technologists support our customers in the discovery of new and innovative approaches and methods. Many on our team have advanced degrees, including dozens of PhDs. Our staff specialize in areas such as energy conversion engineering, materials engineering and manufacturing, geological and environmental systems, chemistry, energy analysis and modeling, systems engineering and analysis, computational science and engineering, R&D program and project management, techno-economic analysis, biometrics, medical assessment, and life-cycle analysis. For example, we offer a core set of mission-oriented S&T services and solutions that directly addresses the most pressing needs of our Nation’s energy infrastructure including advanced energy delivery and security from cyber and emerging threats. We bring the domain expertise and research credentials necessary to support our customers complex engineering and S&T data intensive programs dealing with today's and tomorrow’s national security and energy assurance initiatives.

 CBRNE/WMD Threat Reduction  

The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threat is an omnipresent, data-intensive problem that requires S&T expertise in addition to data analytics and intelligence expertise and experience to address. We provide scientist, engineers, chemists, innovative analytics technology, and mission know-how in the areas of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense (CBRND) and Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD). We support decision makers ranging from those charged with our Homeland Defense and Homeland Security to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s (CJCS) Joint Requirements Office (JRO). We bring expertise ranging from the technologies involved and counter-proliferation, through CBRND operational and risk analysis.


IIA brings a vendor-neutral, systems integration approach with technical and operational expertise in identity management and biometrics tools and systems. We have hands on experience integrating technical systems, business processes, policy, and change management imperatives when implementing biometrics solutions ranging from classified facility security though cyber insider threat applications. Because we can leverage an integrated team of data scientist, cybersecurity professionals, security experts, and project management professionals, we can customize solutions tailored to specific mission set requirements. Moreover, we have the experience and breadth to help agencies with their technology decision and implementation process and through any organizational changes or work-flow modifications. We understand and can support agencies through the intricacies of the full biometrics lifecycle, fully harnessing the power and potential of this technology.

 R&D Technology Management  

Supporting Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Department of Energy for over 30 years, S&T is our pedigree. Our team of in-house engineering, science, and program experts bring a comprehensive breadth and depth of experience and subject matter expertise to manage and execute large-scale research and development (R&D) for the science and technology (S&T) community. We combine subject matter expertise in S&T with our data scientist, enterprise data management, and program management specialists to address and solve complex research challenges in a managed and structured approach. We cover S&T strategic planning, large-scale R&D program management, technology maturation lifecycle, technical readiness levels (TRL), system readiness assessment (SRA) frameworks, R&D program planning and strategy, lifecycle analysis, complex techno-economic analyses and modeling of emerging technologies to determine the value, benefit, and risks associated with the technology across economic, environmental, and mission drivers. Knowing the importance of people when dealing with S&T breakthroughs, we also bring expertise in organizational change management to identify changes proactively, determine scope and impact of changes, define communication methods, and ensure training of affected personnel to maximize the potential of technology and to reduce risk. We are an integrated partner throughout the full R&D life-cycle, from discovery through commercialization.