Data Exploitation

IIa has over two decades of experience researching, collecting, fusing, evaluating and analyzing information and data to produce high quality analytic products for U.S. government agencies, the intelligence community, international organizations and commercial industry.

We provide all-source intelligence analysis, open source research, training, database development, strategy/policy development, subject matter experts, in-country socio-cultural field research, comprehensive studies/assessments and language services.   We are experts in the ability to leverage leading edge social network tools for real-time virtual collaboration and operational support. IIa’s legacy expertise in information science applied in combination with information technology capabilities is a proven asset for productive analytics.   

All Source Intelligence Analysis

IIa analysts are junior, mid, and senior level analysts with advanced education and operational experience.  We work in coordination with analysts and decision-makers and are embedded with the organization we support whether located CONUS or forward-deployed to regions throughout the world. We are able to provide 24/7 support to operations and have expertise in All-Source, intelligence to include SIGINT, MASINT, IMINT, OSINT, HUMINT, CI and Geospatial Intelligence.

Medical and Socio-Cultural Assessments

IIa has completed medical capability assessments for over 100 foreign countries and supported the DoD and U.S. government with critical medical intelligence. Our extensive research includes topics ranging from infectious diseases, blood safety, medical infrastructure, vaccines and quality of healthcare professionals to traditional medicine and socio-cultural issues impacting healthcare.  IIa socio-cultural assessments are comprised of historical, socio-cultural, and ethnographic data that is combined with in-country field research, interviews with subject matter experts from academic, policy and government organizations.  Our method employs open source information derived from traditional published, electronic and grey literature.  IIa researchers employ leading-edge web-mining, entity extraction and advanced visualization tools to produce comprehensive analyses. Click here to see the locations on a map.

Language Services

IIa language services include native speakers who are proficient in English and can provide translation support and analysis. Many of our linguists have advanced degrees which provide our customers with increased analytic expertise. 

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