IIa Sr. Vice President Retires

Pat Powell, IIa’s Senior Vice President and an integral part of IIa since owner and President Bonnie C. Carroll hired her in 1992, has retired after almost 20 years with the company. During her tenure, Powell supported various corporate functions, including project management, business development, corporate communications, and community relations. Powell has always been an essential part of IIa’s strategic development, growth and success, and her extensive knowledge and experience will be sorely missed. President Bonnie C. Carroll said
“For two decades, Pat has been at my side in leadership roles in the development of IIa. In the 90s, she helped bring our first full time information scientists into IIa and led the development of a robust corporate practice that managed libraries across the country. With her historical knowledge of the company and going back to her roots, she has most recently helped us diversify into new business areas and reestablish our brand. Pat was instrumental in helping to build IIa’s outstanding management team which will continue to guide IIa’s business operations. In anticipation of her retirement, Pat hired and trained Chelsea Crawford who has taken over marketing and communications functions at IIa. Randy Hoffman has assumed the corporate lead for IIa’s library contracts. Pat has left a great legacy and a strong succession.”
A reception was held for Powell on August 5 at the IIa offices in Oak Ridge and hosted over 100 attendees, including members of Powell’s family, IIa and other local businesses, government, and various community organizations. During the reception, Powell shared with the crowd some of her plans for retirement, such as spending time with her family, travelling, and volunteering in the community.