IIa Protects the Environment- In the Office and In the Community

Some of Information International Associates’ (IIa’s) Oak Ridge area employees were working on Saturday, but they weren’t at the office.  Employees spent 3-4 hours on Saturday, April 2 at Rocky Point Park in Knoxville for Ijams Nature Center’s 22nd annual River Rescue cleanup project, a community wide program coordinated to clean up 50 miles along the Tennessee River shoreline. Employees, friends, and families lent a helping hand and picked up many garbage bags of trash, old carpet, paint cans, a boat seat cushion and a propane tank. 

IIa cares about the environment, and strives to make a difference in the communities in which our employees work and live.  Because of the company’s work in the biodiversity arena with organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII), IIa employees saw the River Rescue project as an opportunity to impact our environment locally. IIa supported the event through corporate sponsorship, but the biggest impact was made by the volunteerism of our employees. Terri Killeffer, IIa’s team captain and River Rescue volunteer, was excited to see the resulting cleaner shoreline. “Adults and kids are always amazed at the amount and type of trash they find. It’s an educational experience as well as a fun day on the river.”