IIa Elected Partner in ESIP Federation

Information International Associates, Inc. (IIa) has been elected as one of seven new partner organizations of the Assembly of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP Federation), which provides a valuable, neutral forum for dynamic exchange and collaboration where data providers, researchers, and users solve common challenges in inter-disciplinary science research.

Voluntary partnership with the ESIP Federation is open to organizations that work with Earth science data and who wish to work across communities to expose, gather and enhance in-house capabilities in support of their organizations.  IIa joins the partnership as a Type III Applications partner, which are primarily commercial and non-commercial organizations engaged in developing tools for Earth Science.  As a leader in scientific and technical information (STI) management and scientific digital data management, IIa brings expertise in federal STI management to the ESIP Federation and a unique understanding of synergies found using information technology for information management.

The ESIP Federation is a consortium of Earth science data and technology professionals spanning across government, academia, and private sectors “who leverage collaboration and coordinate interoperability efforts across the Earth science community.”  Initiated by NASA in 1997, the ESIP Federation dedicated to transforming research data and information into useful and usable data and information products for decision makers, policy makers and the public. Membership consists of more than 135 organizations.Read the news release from the ESIP Federation on their new partner organizations: http://esipfed.org/seven-new-members-elected-federation-earth-science-information-partners