IIa Employees Win 2011 GreyNet Award

Bonnie C. Carroll and June Crowe of Information International Associates, Inc. (IIa) received the 2011 GreyNet Award for outstanding contributions to the grey literature community, including the presentation of their paper “Scientific Data: Increasing Transparency and Reducing the Grey” at the Twelfth International Conference on Grey Literature (GL12) hosted by GreyNet, an international organization focused on facilitating dialog, research, and collaboration in the field of grey literature.

Grey literature refers to materials produced by government, academics, business, and industry that are not controlled by commercial publishing, are difficult to find, but are frequently original and unique knowledge resources. Scientific and technical grey literature, a new frontier for the international grey literature community, and complements commercial journal literature in producing the knowledge base for scientific research where the sharing of research and collaborative science is necessary. Carroll and Crowe’s paper explores how to improve bibliographic control, a metric for the definition of grey, and approaches to make datasets in the scientific data landscape more useable.

Carroll, President of IIa, was recognized during the award presentation as “a pioneer in the field of grey literature.” In 1993at the First International Conference on Grey Literature, Carroll introduced the conference delegates to the World Wide Web. That same year, she was involved in the First U.S. Workshop on Gray Literature.  Since then, Carroll has been an integral part of the grey literature community not only raising national and international awareness of grey literature but also making significant research and other contributions to the grey literature community. Carroll continues to indicate the challenges for the grey literature community presented by the vast resources of the deep web.

Crowe, Technical Director of Open Source Research, was commended for her expanding the grey literature landscape through her research on the role and influence of non-governmental organization (NGO) information on public health in developing countries on global health activities and research. Leaders in the field of grey literature now consider nGOs as a source of information and grey literature a key area of study.