Carroll Receives ETEC Muddy Boot Award

IIa Founder and Chairman Bonnie C. Carroll received the East Tennessee Economic Council (ETEC) Muddy Boot Award at the organization’s annual meeting in December. Started in 1973 by the founders of ETEC, the Muddy Boot Award recognizes “significant and long-term contributions to the East Tennessee area with respect to federal government programs and their spin-offs by leveraging the federal presence to create private sector jobs.”

ETEC is dedicated to supporting the federal government's missions in Oak Ridge as well as encouraging new opportunities to fully utilize the community’s highly-skilled talent, cutting-edge technologies and unique facilities. The “Muddy Boot” reflects the Manhattan Project founders of Oak Ridge who had to work through adverse conditions, like ankle deep mud and make-shift, wooden sidewalks, in order to build the community. Ms. Carroll currently serves as the ETEC vice chair.