ScienceCinema Provides Search Access for Multimedia Content

Information International Associates (IIa) is pleased to show their support  for the successful launch of ScienceCinema, an online search tool for multimedia scientific research sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE).  This innovative use of information science and information technology provides access to an increasingly important form of scientific communication.  IIa is excited about the opportunity to contribute to national and international scientific and technical information communities by helping to expand the availability of scientific videos, animations, interactive visualizations, and other multimedia scientific content.

IIa supports the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) who partnered with Microsoft to develop the tool.  Using Microsoft speech recognition and audio indexing technologies, language and verbal content is transcribed and prepared for search.  After receiving a search query, ScienceCinema produces relevant multimedia results, each accompanied by a timeline which pinpoints the instances when the search term was spoken. The user may watch the video in its entirety, or may begin playback at a moment where the search term occurs. The DOE unveiled ScienceCinema yesterday during the one-day workshop called “Multimedia and Visualization Innovations for Science,” hosted in Redmond, Washington by Microsoft and the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information(ICSTI).

As the format of scientific communications evolves to include a large multimedia presence, the need for an efficient search tool for this type of content has become increasingly prominent.  IIa assisted in preparing approximately 1,000 hours of searchable video content for input into the ScienceCinema database, and will update the database as new research and development videos are produced by the DOE.