Careers at IIa

At IIa, we believe that employees are the lifeblood of our company, and we compete for the most ambitious, motivated, and talented candidates to bring into the IIa family of employees. Once we secure that person’s employment, IIa makes it a priority to retain that employee. 

Corporate Culture

IIa supports 10 locations internationally and a global network of employees. We are proud of the corporate culture we foster at our locations all over the world because IIa maintains an engaged workforce where diversity of backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives is valued. We strive to create high job satisfaction among employees, celebrate their achievements, and to enable them for success. Our corporate philosophy underscores this commitment and guides our actions to best support our employees.

Professional Development

We promote employee learning by providing internal training on various topics, encouraging employee participation in professional organizations, an education reimbursement program, and exposing employees to opportunities for continual personal and professional growth. In addition, we recognize outstanding employee performance with the annual IIa Impact Award and spot cash equivalent awards.


We offer competitive compensation and comprehensive benefit plans, including health and vision, dental, and disability insurance, and an excellent 401(k) plan. We also provide generous vacation and sick leave and work-from-home options as appropriate.

Fast Facts About IIa

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1. Why should I apply for a position at IIa?

IIa is a small but powerful information company that has considerable impact on the operations of many Federal government agencies and other organizations. Because as a company we have a great responsibility and obligation to support our customers with superior customer service, we greatly depend on our workforce.  At IIa, we believe that its employees are the lifeblood of the company, and  we want our employees to enjoy their job as they pursue professional excellence and success. We believe that work can be fun, and that is what we strive to achieve everyday. As such, IIa fosters an stimulating and inclusive corporate culture that celebrates a sense of ownership and pride in work, and offers its employees exciting work opportunities and enables them for success. Our business operations are like a well-greased machine, bolstered by the right people in the right jobs making the right decisions. 

2. When was the company founded? 

IIa was founded in 1988 by President Bonnie C. Carroll. Since then, IIa has experienced significant growth and expansion into new market and specialty areas. Still today, we are a growth-oriented company dedicated to perpetual improvement and excellent customer service.

3. Who are your customers? 

IIa has decades of experience providing information services to customers from a variety of industries, including public sector, private sector, academia, non-profit, and international organizations.

4. Has the company been recognized with industry or professional awards? 

IIa, as well as many of its employees, has been recognized with many awards.