Founded in 1988, Information International Associates (IIA) employs over 300 IT Systems designers, developers, technologist, and mission specialists serving government, academic, and private entities from its offices in McLean, VA, Oak Ridge, TN; Dayton, OH, Alexandria, VA, and the UK.

IIA leverages expertise in information management, big data analytics, the application of advanced technologies, and deep subject matter experts to provide unique value to our customers. We have developed a keen understanding of the roles of information within and between organizations and how to unlock the potential of information as a strategic resource. We help our customers derive actionable intelligence from a vast sea of data.

IIA’s integrity, ingenuity, innovation, proven experience, and mission expertise have made it a leader in Enterprise IT & Data Management, Big Data Analytics, Open Source Data Exploitation, and Information Security & Threat Intelligence.

Our Mission Deliver Systems, Solutions, and Services that Derive Critical Actionable Intelligence from a Vast Sea of Data.

Our Values
• Integrity at the core of all we do
• Teamwork and team spirit
• Embracing ingenuity and passion for our customers mission
• Promoting personal and professional growth
• Giving back to our communities
• Delivering excellence in our technical and business operations

Community Support
IIA places high value on the company's role as a good corporate citizen, and is deeply committed to supporting and interacting with the communities in which our employees live and work. IIA also encourages employees to assume active roles in their communities, resulting in significant impacts of resources donated by the company and its employees.

Corporate Giving
Because of IIA's growing role in advancing the importance of information and knowledge, we have long supported efforts that enhance the access to and use of information. As a result, IIA's designated focus for corporate giving are efforts to advance literacy, education and lifelong learning. For more information, contact: Pat Vanek @ 865.298.1241 |

Through the implementation of our quality policy and the achievement of our quality objectives, our goal is to continually satisfy our customers and to maintain recognition as a premier information management provider.
Our approach to Quality is:
• Integrity at the core of all we do
• Teamwork and team spirit
• Embracing ingenuity and passion for our customers mission
• Promoting personal and professional growth
• Giving back to our communities
• Delivering excellence in our technical and business operations

Government Contract Vehicles
General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules, Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), and Blanket Ordering Agreement (BOA) contracts continue to be some of IIA's greatest catalysts for growth. The continued popularity of GWACs contracts allows our customers an efficient, effective mechanism to keep pace with the rapid changes in information technology (IT) and information management (IM) markets.

GSA Schedule
The GSA Federal Supply Services (FSS) Consolidated Schedule incorporates IIA’s GSA contracts under a single schedule contract for ease of providing solutions and contracting. IIA is authorized to deliver services using numerous IIA labor categories and established hourly rates. Contact: for questions regarding IIA's GSA schedule.

IT (Schedule 70): This schedule provides IT services, listed below:
• IT Facility Operation and Maintenance
• IT Systems Development Services
• Telecommunications Network Management Services
• Automated New Services, Data Services, or Other Information Services
• Other ADP and Telecommunications Services
• IT Systems Analysis Services
• Programming Services
• IT Data Conversion Services

Professional Services Schedule
This schedule provides services to help improve management and organizational effectiveness through specialized consulting, facilitation, surveys, training, program integration, and project management, as well as acquisition management support, including a complimentary IT Schedule 70 SIN 132.51c.

Jeannette Lee

Chief Executive Officer

Bonnie Carroll

Chief Data Officer

The world is awash in an ocean of information. Finding and using the right information can be a huge challenge, especially for federal agencies and other organizations working with large and complex data sets, constrained budgets and limited resources. IIA works to design, develop and deliver powerful solutions that maximize the value of information for our customers, help them make better decisions, and support them as they pursue their mission. For over 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the collection, processing, analysis, exploitation, dissemination, and display of information so that our customers can derive the critical intelligence they need from a vast sea of data.

IIA Corporate Operations

104 Union Valley Road

Oak Ridge, TN 37830

865.481.0388 (V)

865.481.0390 (F)

Strategic Development Office

6849 Old Dominion Dr. Suite 420

McLean, VA 22101


Washington, D.C. Field Office

2034 Eisenhower Ave. Suite 107

Alexandria, VA 22314