IIA works across the information life cycle to provide value from data. Our impacts range from improving management decisions, to advancing scientific discovery and technology development. We address the challenges that deal with the volume, variety, velocity, and voracity of large and complex data We understand big data issues that include identifying, capturing, validating, curating, and storing big data. We pay attention to issues with data confidentiality, data culture, and reproducibility.

Big Data Analytics Depend On Good Big Data
To make the data source robust, big data challenges include identifying, capturing, validating (quality checking), curating, and storing big data. Good tools depend on objectives. With good data, and using analytical tools, data analytics allows us to find value from data and brings new insights not easily obtainable through human brain processing alone. Soft issues in data can kick you. Attention must be paid to key issues in data confidentiality (PII and HPII), Intellectual property, data culture, and reproducibility.

Our Analystics Offerings Range from Consulting to Operations
• Objectives Analysis
• Data Readiness Assessment
• Data Governance and Data Policy Strategies
• Data Management as a Service (DMaaS)
• Enterprise Applications Design and Development

We Integrate Best in Class Tools and Applications in Our Solutions
• Data Mining
• Predictive Analytics
• Data Analysis and Insights
• Data Visualization

To address all of the dimensions of Big Data, we work through existing staff and partnerships with domain experts and tool providers. IIA has responsibility for managing both structured and unstructured data with a specialty in unstructured scientific and technical information.