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Information International Associates (IIA) employees 300 IT systems designers, developers, mission specialists and security professionals serving government, academic, and private entities from its offices in McLean, VA, Oak Ridge, TN; Dayton, OH, Alexandria, VA, and the UK.

IIA leverages expertise in information management, innovative applications of technologies, and deep subject matter experts to provide unique value to our customers. We have developed a keen understanding of the roles of information within and between organizations and how to unlock the potential of information as a strategic resource.

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Enterprise IT
Data Management

IIA delivers enterprise information technology & data management solutions that power our customer's decision-making and mission achievement.

IIA works in classified and unclassified enterprise environments to provide the entire IT Systems Life Cycle:

System administration, network operations, software and application development, social media/mobile technologies, information security, storage, service desk and desktop support, and data center operations.

Our systems collect, process, store, analyze, manage, and disseminate data for critical decision making


Big Data

Big Data Analytics Depend On Good Big Data. To make the data source robust, big data challenges include identifying, capturing, validating (quality checking), curating, and storing big data. Good Tools Depend On Objectives. With good data, and using analytical tools data analytics allows us to find value from data and brings new insights not easily obtainable through human brain processing alone. Soft Issues In Data Can Kick You. Attention must be paid to key issues in data confidentiality (PII and HPII), Intellectual property, data culture, and reproducibility.

IIA works throughout the data life cycle to provide value from data. Our impacts range from improving management decisions to advancing scientific research and technology development. IIA addresses the challenges of Big Data which include: Dimensions of Big Data Frame the Scope; Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity.


Open Source
Data Exploitation

IIA leverages a global network of subject matter experts to locate key information and provide analytical support for addressing critical emerging needs. We provide all-source intelligence analysis, open source research, training, database development, policy and strategy development, in-country research, language services, and assessments to help government entities find scientific and technical solutions that strengthen the nation's security and competitiveness. Our customers include the Department of Homeland Security, the Marine Corps Intelligence Agency, and others.

IIA has over two decades of experience researching, collecting, fusing, evaluating and analyzing information and data to produce high quality analytic products for U.S. government agencies, the intelligence community, international organizations and commercial industry.

Information Security
Threat Intelligence

We focus on the most overlooked aspect of your operations: SECURITY. Ransomware is just one game-changing form of malicious malware impacting businesses of all sizes. Recovering from volatile cyber attacks hinge on establishing and deploying a resilient backup and recovery strategy before a compromise. We can build your response plan, train your team, and Lead your Incident Response should things go sideways.

We are your trusted partner with a balanced approach in secure design, configuration, operation, and management of your secure technology solutions where protection of sensitive business information is key to your success.

"Data Breaches will happen, How you respond, defines your company."

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